Himanshu works in a IT company in Bengaluru. His wife, once pregnant was on iron tablets but her hemoglobin was not improving. The OBGYN suggested to test for thalassemia & to their horror she was found to be thalassemia positive. Their physician recommended that Himanshu also be tested for thalassemia and it was discovered that he was also thalassemia positive. The baby, Aditi was born thalassemia major.

As said by the father of Aditi, they had done research within and outside India for treatment of Aditi. Finally they found StemCyte India who helped them in getting a suitably matched HLA stem cell Plasma Depleted unit with very reasonable price from their inventory. StemCyte also guided them in finding a reliable transplant centre and experienced transplant physician; Dr. Tang-Her-Jaing who is having extensive experience in treating Thalassemia major using cord blood stem cells. Transplant had been done in Taiwan. They were running from pillar to post till they met StemCyte India in which they found hope, success & finally their child transfusion free & disease free.
“We are very happy and relieved that our daughter today is transfusion free – disease free.” said father of Aditi.

This once again strengthens the fact that the PD technology ensures high TNC counts that are most preferred by transplant physicians, resulting in highest number of transplants facilitated by Stemcyte.