Terms and Conditions

  • The offer is valid once the Unit is banked successfully and till the time period of the storage (as per plan chosen) and subject to full payment being received.
  • Pre-existing diseases (in family) need to be clearly mentioned in the health history.
  • This agreement will be applicable when the disease for which the cord blood unit to be used is diagnosed after the Unit has been stored. Also, a written and signed prescription from that transplant physician is required.
  • In the event the Unit is required for an appropriately planned transplant procedure for use by Child or sibling or parent or grandparent (Maternal & Paternal), SCITPL will release the Unit upon receiving the transplant physician’s prescription. On performing all the required quality tests on the Unit it will be ready for shipment in maximum 20 days from receipt of the prescription. All the cost incurred towards necessary tests and shipment will be borne by SCITPL; as per the terms of the plan. The then prevailing National / International Standards and Government regulations will be followed for shipment of the Unit.
  • SCITPL will require a period of at least 30 days to make the additional Cord Blood Unit available.
  • All the terms and conditions applicable as per plan agreement booklet of StemCyte India Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. For more details please refer agreement booklet or contact SCITPL.