*T&C Apply

Benefits of Referral Program


    • This Referral Program is only applicable for StemCyte India Existing Clients who have preserved their baby’s cord blood with us.
    • This Referral Program will be valid only from 26th March 2022 to 30th June 2022.
    • ReferralProgram benefits will be applicable only if referral gets enrolled with StemCyte India successfully before 30th June 2022.
    • Existing clients can submit reference leads by filling out the referral form on the website, digital promotion, Email, or SMS. Any other route for referral submission shall not be considered valid.
    • A gift voucher will be provided within 30 days of the referral’s unit getting successfully preserved and full payment being collected.
    • Upon submitting the referral form, StemCyte India will validate the information both from the referrer and referral.
    • The referral will not be considered if the lead is already available within the StemCyte India system via any other medium or source.
    • StemCyte India will be the final authority to review, investigate and disqualify any referral reward that violates the referral program terms; also, StemCyte  India reserve the right to change/modify terms and conditions of the referral program.
    • StemCyte India reserves the right to review, investigate, and disqualify any Referral Reward that violates the StemCyte India Referral Program.
    • For any queries, please call +91 99099 29988.