Preservation Process

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Receive our specially designed Cello Insulated kit box which is shock proof, fire resistant and tough. Each kit box is bar-coded

The most awaited day…Inform our collection nurse on 1-860-420-420-6. Remember to carry your kit box to Hospital

Using sterile technique our trained collection nurse will collect the cord blood. The collection process is completely non invasive and does not cause any harm to mother and baby

We arrange for getting the transport container with the cord blood inside from the hospital to StemCyte Lab

Testing on cord blood, including total cell count and sterility of the unit, to name just a few, as well as infectious disease testing on the maternal sample.

Our highly trained staff will process the cord blood in accordance with over 400 validated procedures. Our proprietary Plasma Depletion method results in the highest possible yield (Upto 99.96% recovery) of stem cells.

The UCB will be stored at very low temperatures of (-) 196 degrees celsius in liquid nitrogen vapor phase dewars.

You shall receive a certificate of Storage with all important data required for the transplant.

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